Archi Plug-ins

Archi plug-ins contribute additional functionality to Archi. You can download a plug-in here and install it into your copy of Archi. To install a plug-in follow the installation instructions.

The Open Group ArchiMate® XML Exchange Plug-in

This plug-in is included in Archi 3.3.2.

Installing an Archi plug-in

To install an Archi plug-in on Windows:

Because of the User Access Control (UAC) feature in Windows, Archi users on Windows need to manually copy plug-in files to Archi's installation "plugins" folder.

  1. Download the Archi plug-in zip file and unzip the contents.
  2. Find Archi's "plugins" folder. This will be "C:\Program Files\Archi\plugins" on 32-bit Windows or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Archi\plugins" on 64-bit Windows. Users who have installed Archi manually should locate the "plugins" folder in their own system.
  3. If an existing version of the plug-in exists in the "plugins" folder delete it.
  4. Copy the (unzipped) contents of the zip file into Archi's "plugins" folder, excluding the "archi-plugin" marker file.
  5. If Windows UAC is enabled you will need to grant permission to copy the files.
  6. Restart Archi.

To install an Archi Plug-in on Mac and Linux:

  1. Download the Archi plug-in zip file.
  2. In Archi, select "Install Archi Plug-in..." from the main Help menu. Navigate to the downloaded zip file and then, when prompted, allow Archi to restart. The plug-in will then be installed when Archi restarts.