Archi 3.3.2 Released
May 31 2016

We've just released Archi 3.3.2 which fixes a few bugs and add a Viewpoint and direction filter to the Visualiser, and also tag support for customisable reports. Thanks to Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie for the work on the reports and the Visualiser!

Archi 3.3.2 is available at the Download page.

Archi 3.2 Released
March 25 2015

We're very happy to announce the release of Archi 3.2. This latest release of Archi adds some great new features to help you view and validate your models.

A new and improved HTML reporting feature allows you to interactively view your models in a browser. This feature has been developed by Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie and Quentin Varquet who use Archi in their work at Lafarge in Paris.

HTML Report

Also new is the Model Validator so you can check whether your models align with the ArchiMate 2.1 specification.


Archi 3.2 is available at the Download page.

Archi 3.1 Released and Plug-in support
December 01 2014

We're pleased to announce the release of Archi 3.1. This is a maintenance release that fixes a number of bugs and introduces some small, new features. The focus of Archi 3.1 has been to improve the user interface response time when using large models, and to implement stronger integrity checking when loading and saving models to disk.

Archi 3.1 is available at the Download page.


We've also created a new Plug-ins Page where we will be able to offer additional functionality to Archi. The first plug-in available is an implementation of The Open Group's ArchiMate Model Exchange File Format (Phase 1). This plug-in will be updated as the implementation progresses.

Archi 3 Released
September 29 2014

Archi 3 is here! It seems to have taken a long time to arrive but we're pleased to be able to release it in time for the Autumn. We've worked hard to bring you a new version that is built on the latest version of the Eclipse platform. This ensures that Archi will continue to work on the latest versions of Windows, Mac OS X, and most Linux distributions.

New features include support for a new look and feel, import and export to CSV, an improved Magic Connector, find/replace, export image to PDF and many other features and fixes.

Archi 3

I'd like to thank all our users for their support and encouragement these last few months, and to Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie for his incredible support, encouragement, evangelism, contributions and vision. I'd also like to say a big thank-you to those people who have kindly donated by Paypal. These donations have kept the wolf from the door and encouraged me to continue developing new features.

Archi 3 is available at the Download page.

New User Forums
August 18 2014

We're pleased to announce our new Archi User Forums. The Google Groups that we had been using before were proving difficult to use and to navigate. We hope that the new forums offer a better experience in sharing your discussions related to Archi and ArchiMate.


The new forums will allow you to upload screenshots, share models, and open polls. We invite you to register as a member!

Archi listed in Eclipse Marketplace
July 29 2014

As Archi is built on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform, we thought it would be nice to list Archi on the Eclipse Marketplace. The Eclipse Marketplace is a place to find and keep track on Eclipse-based solutions, gathering together and listing hundreds of Eclipse-based solutions.

Archi 2.7.1 released
March 18 2014

We're happy to let you know that today we've released Archi 2.7.1 which fixes a UTF-8 encoding issue when exporting diagrams to SVG. You can download it here.

Archi 2.7 released
March 11 2014

Spring is in the air. As we approach the Spring Equinox we often feel the need for some spring cleaning, or Khooneh Takouni. And so we've been "shaking the house" by revisiting some of the features of Archi that need improving and also validating the existing codebase with a full suite of unit tests. This latest release of Archi includes the ability to export your ArchiMate diagrams in SVG format. In order to do this we've thrown out the old 16x16 raster-based icons for each ArchiMate figure and replaced them with vector-based equivalents. This also means that you can zoom right in on your diagrams in Archi without compromising the image quality. As a bonus, you can now export your ArchiMate diagrams at a greater scale factor in PNG, BMP and JPG formats.


Out with the old...


...and in with the new

We think that this new feature, together with the other improvements we've made, makes this a very solid release.

SVG export, plus many other new features, is available in Archi 2.7 and you can download it here.

We're now accepting donations by PayPal
February 24 2014

I'm happy to announce that we can now accept donations by PayPal. Archi is free and used by hundreds of architects throughout the world. Some training organisations are already making a good return on Archi by using it in their training programmes. In order for Archi to continue I obviously need to cover running costs and, if you've read my recent blog post, you'll know that this will become a concern this year. There are some great developments in store for Archi, potentially including model repository support, and I'm sure that together we can continue to turn Archi into the world's greatest ArchiMate modelling tool.

Please show your kindness and appreciation of Archi by donating a small amount.

Archi 2.6 released
January 9 2014

Happy New Year to all Archi users! To welcome in this new year, we bring you the fruits of our recent labours with the release of Archi 2.6. This release has some great new features that improve upon the overall look and feel of model diagrams. Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie has contributed several of these features including line curves and line jumps, improved Jasper Reports, and, of course, compliance with ArchiMate 2.1.

Curved lines

Archi 2.6 is available at the Download page.

New website design
December 13 2013

Just like Archi, this website has had a makeover. I hope you like the new, clean design. You'll also notice a new blog section where we can keep you informed of new developments and news from the Archi and ArchiMate community.

Archi 2.5 released
November 24 2013

Archi 2.5 has been released!

This is an important release with bug fixes, some new features, and a new branding. New features include an option to turn off shadows on diagram elements, support for importing/exporting colour schemes, using the colour scheme for the application's icons, and saving the Visualiser as an image.

Please head on over to the download page.

New Archi website
September 26 2013

Welcome to this new website. It's an alternate home for Archi - a home from home, if you like. As the original Archi website is no longer being maintained this one will serve as the place to come for updates, bug fixes and news.

Having an independent web presence ensures that the latest news, updates and resources can be made available to the global Archi community.