Archi Roadmap

Please note that this roadmap is now out of date. We shall update it soon.

Existing Architecture

Here's a simplified view of the architecture of the present version of Archi:


Future Possible Architecture

Here's a speculative architecture for a possible future version of Archi:

Architecture Graphiti Eclipse 4 EMF Core EMF Compare EMF Model Query EMF Transaction CDO


The present version of Archi is single-file based. There is no means to share models, or to merge and version control models. This is fine for single-user usage, but restrictive for collaboration. It also relies heavily on the Graphical Eclipse Framework (GEF) for drawing diagrams. While this framework provides a useful controller mechanism bridging the drawing components (Draw2D) and the edit domain, it is restrictive and hard to extend.

The most obvious difference between the two architectures is the use of additional EMF frameworks and CDO to manage sharing and repository support. Eclipse 4 will be used for the workbench (menus, commands, windows, etc) and the 3.x compatibility layer will bridge between existing views and editors and the new Eclipse 4 services. The Graphiti framework offers an improved graphing experience and better integration with EMF and CDO, particularly with its command and transaction framework.



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