Archi® has been downloaded many thousands of times since its introduction in 2010. It has been widely adopted for real-world use in the commercial and training sectors and is used in-house by major global companies and consultants. Archi has become the world's most popular ArchiMate modelling tool.

Between 2010-2012, Archi was part of a national project aimed at supporting a programme of Enterprise Architecture in the UK higher education sector. The original project was hosted by an organisation in a UK university.

Since September 2013 this is the new home of Archi and all Archi-related developments. We will be bring you updates, new features, bug fixes and news about Archi and the its user and developer communities. The present version of Archi will continue to be open source and independent. It is actively being maintained and developed with new features by Phil Beauvoir and Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie.

You can read the story of the genesis of Archi, its history and success here.

Phil Beauvoir


Phil Beauvoir has been developing, writing, and speaking about software tools and development for over 28 years. He also writes and produces electronic and ambient music.

He has wide expertise in Java, the Eclipse Modelling and Rich Client Platforms, Web development, C, Objective-C, Swift, iOS development and has developed systems for a number of commercial and public sector organisations. This has included writing a development emulation environment for one of the first hand-held touch devices, MIDI instrument controller software, and developing management systems for the UK public sector.

Between 1998 and 2012 Phil was Senior Researcher and Developer at Bangor University, and the Institute for Educational Cybernetics at another UK university. During this time he worked with the team that developed Colloquia, a peer-to-peer learning management and groupware system, and one of the first Java desktop applications. He then went on to co-develop the highly successful Reload tools, a suite of software tools for authoring and delivery of standard-compliant learning objects and meta-data. After the success of Reload, Phil explored further the possibilities of Eclipse-based Rich Client Platform tools, including the experimental PLEX Personal Learning Environment, and ReCourse, a tool to create IMS Learning Design compliant Units of Learning.

In 2010, working with the IEC, Phil created the highly acclaimed ArchiMate Modelling Tool, Archi®. As well as maintaining and developing Archi®, he is now working as a consultant with The Open Group developing the ArchiMate Open Exchange Format and improving Archi.

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie is life long techie with increasing interest in Enterprise Architecture and ArchiMate. But before all Father, Husband, Guitarist and DIY addict. He has been working in the field of IT as a Manager and an Architect for over 15 years in a rich, international, industrial context.

He is presently a Consultant in Enterprise Architecture at Arismore, specializing in Architecture modelling, and divides his time between helping customers and working on the evolution of the ArchiMate® standard within The Open Group.

Since 2013, Jean-Baptiste has been contributing to the development of the open source modelling tool, Archi®.